Staffing in East Dallas

Staffing in East Dallas

There were some interesting characters that I worked with in East Dallas. My favorite was one of the managers. She was in her sixties and was the sweetest little lady ever. She always dressed in a skirt and button down shirt with a shawl. Her white hair was always in a bun. She reminded me of the grandmother in all the Bugs Bunny cartoons. I don’t think I ever heard one negative word come out of her mouth. She took a vacation one week and told me her and her husband were taking a road trip. She called me on Monday morning and told me she left something at the center and they were going to stop on their way out of town to pick it up. What I witnessed next blew my mind. I’m sitting at the front desk doing my work and two Harley motor cycles pull up. Her comes granny dressed in complete leather and wearing a rag. They were bikers! I think I loved her even more after that. People will always shock you in ways that you can never imagine.

I had to terminate a teacher at this center once. I pulled her in the office and told her she was terminated and she looked right at me and said, “Um, no. I don’t think so, I am going back to my class!”

Ummm… no, you no longer work here! Again, she declined my offer! Like it was a choice? I ended up calling the police, and they had to come escort her out of the building.

Here is another big lesson. When you terminate a staff member, remove all sharp objects from your desk before hand. We had a situation where two staff members started fighting in front of the kids. We pulled one lady into the office and she started yelling at us. We then informed her that she was terminated for her behavior. She grabbed a pencil off the desk and threw it at me. The pencil actually stuck in the wall right next to my head! (as if she was in the circus and was throwing knives)

Good times…..

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